Shirley MacGregor 2In 1985 Shirley MacGregor left a quiet life on a small farm with her family to live overseas. This is when her quilting life took off, and she turned her skills into teaching quilting to the natives of the countries in which she lived.

While living in Japan she discovered the beautiful manhole covers that adorn the streets of most cities and towns. This inspired two books, Quilting with Manhole Covers and Treasures Underfoot. A move to Seoul, Korea, provided a venue for publishing, and the inspiration for a third book with a Korean theme, Quilting in the Morning Calm

In 2003 Shirley returned to the home. She found that living overseas had kept her from trends in the fiber arts that had developed in the US during her absences, and upon her return, began to broaden her perspectives. With memories, photos and fabrics gathered from a variety of countries and cultures, she set off in new directions.

Shirley’s work has been shown and juried into shows around the United States, England, Holland, Belgium, Japan and Korea, and has won a number of awards as a result.

She is a member of the Columbia Fiber Arts Guild, Surface Design Association, and SAQA Studio Arts Quilt Associates. Shirley has work in private collections in Japan, Korea, United Kingdom and here in the United States.

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