Zeca Madeiros has invited Columbia FiberArts Guild members in Oregon to submit entries for Patchwork Design 2018. Patchwork Design is a commercial quilt expo that focuses on art quilts and contemporary fiber. I am thrilled to be part of this show. Didgeridoo is my piece that was selected.  The event takes place over 3-day weekends in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, and Curitiba, Brazil, and may expand in 2018 to include more venues in Brazil. Patchwork Design puts on a beautiful exhibition. Quilts are exhibited in gallery-like settings, creating a stunning show. See the Patchwork Design website for information on past shows, exhibitors, news releases, and more (use the Google translator to get the page in English).


Threads of Resistance is a juried Art Quilt show showing how fiber artist protest our present time. I was excited to enter, but there were the more than 550 pieces artwork submitted and about 60 were juried in. Disappointed not to have been picked, but I had a great time making this piece. Here is a link to all the information about the show, how it came to be to the final process. This was done by a small group of people that wanted to challenge artist. Visit their site. They did a fantastic job. Here is my take on this challenge called DeVostator.

Road to ….? Is now finished, and called Caviar. It was juried into the Contemporary Fiber in Florida 2017 part of the Florida CraftArt. This is something I really didn’t expect. So, if you are in the area please stop in and see the show.

EXHIBITION DATES: April 28 to June 17, 2017 LOCATION: Florida CraftArt, 501 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg, Florida http://www.floridacraftart.org

This is the finished piece of quilt art.


The transformation of an old bridge to a new one using photos, computer and stitching has been very interesting. I finally finished it and started on a bigger one. The process of taking a picture of the old rusty bridge before they refinished it, and making it the background for the new bridge in photoshop been a learning experience. The background was printed on cloth. I then took the new bridge and stitched it on top of the background. This is the results.

Broadway Bridge 

A new book has been published about “Stitched – Embracing the Quilt as Fine Art” the show that is in Stuart, Florida this month. You can get it at Amazon. It shows all the artwork in the show. So check it out.


I am so excited to be juried into the Studio Art Quilt Associate “Stitched exhibit at the Court House Cultural Center (CHCC) in Stuart in January 2017. This show will run through February 25, 2017.

The juror Rosalie Dace states: “I have been over the images again and again and have come up with a group I think will make a good diverse show and give the viewers a wide sense of what the term “Art Quilt” can mean. Included are 45 works that show a variety pf abstract and realistic or representational approaches, as well as those which are making a clear statement, and some that are expressions of color, texture or just fun. I gave preference to pieces that have good overall composition as well as pleasing sense of color, value and texture. I chose those that engaged me visually and invited me to have another look, as well as those that had a strong sense of the artist. Of course there are some I would have liked to include but space will simply not permit.”

I look forward to seeing the show. This is the quilt that was excepted.

Grape II  $760  24” x 36.5”
Grape II $760 24” x 36.5”

Here is more on High Fiber Diet Juried Show. I am putting the show theme card in so you can see how and what was juried into this show. At the end I am also adding what the jurors said.show-thememary-mclaughlinmarylinda-reichenbachlilndatoni-smith

A wonderful juried art show from High Fiber Diet with some pictures and text about the artist. I will show one now and more later as soon as I have time to get them ready.
The first one is from Pam Pilcher.pam-pilcherpam

I have been working with photos, printing and paint. This picture is a continuation of bridges I have been doing. It is still in progress, but I thought I would share it so far. The background is an enlarged photograph of a rusty bridge. I then drew the whole bridge on top of the background and then added a little color. Now there is still the quilting and more details to complete. I will post the completed art soon.

Road to…..? is an in progress piece of fiber art from a class with Fran Skiles. The process was almost do what ever you want, BUT were given the tools to make all the different shapes. We were to make 5 different pieces, but I did not have enough time to complete them all. It was fun and challenging. This piece is not finished. Therefore, I hope to finish them at some point and will share. Hope you enjoy.

Road to .....?
Road to …..?

Very interesting video. It is in Spanish but worth watching. I have several friends with artwork in at the show. Some very intonation pieces.

A juried fiber art show at the ArtReach Gallery called “Fabrications” runs from Aug 3-28, 2016. If you are in the Portland, Oregon area please stop by at 1126 SW Park Ave. Portland OR. across from the Portland Art Museum.


The photo was taken in New Zealand of the hot springs. The Maori term for these springs and pools is “waiariki”, and we know that the very first people to live in New Zealand used to visit these springs to utilize their warmth and natural health properties as well as use them in a practical sense for things like cooking.
I am lucky enough to have a piece juried into this show. I will post some of the art pieces after the opening on August 4th.