This installation, “Sailboat” by Larry Kirkland is something we found while visiting a Wolves & People brewery near Portland. The brewery is in a historical barn off the beaten path. This was on the top floor of this old barn just waiting to be discovered. It was an amazing installation. It was placed there because the owner wanted to keep it intact.

This sculpture was formerly on a Smithsonian Institute Traveling Tour. I was impressed by the way the hands move back and forth to give it a gentle movement.


More on photographing, editing, printing, painting and stitching. I traced the color picture, enlarged it in photoshop so it could print it out and traced unto fabric. This time I painted the background to get the color I wanted. Next, I added Tissue paper to make clouds. But, of course, I did it backwards, because I had to draw all the lines for the wires. Tracing over crumpled dried tissue paper was not easy. Appliqué and stitching was the last.

The next one will be different for sure.

Tillicum Spring 27.5" x 20"
Tillicum Spring
27.5″ x 20″

Photographing, editing, printing, painting and stitching which all have been add to my fiber artwork. Printing on fabric from a picture I have edited is an interesting challenging. I have been working on several of these lately. All of them are using bridges in some way or another.

The first one was just the wires looking up with the sky in the background. I printed it onto cotton, but I didn’t like the colors, so I had to change it. First, I covered the whole piece with a sheer fabric that toned down the color. Next, I cut away the parts that were good leaving the toned down parts. I had to make the wires stand out more using paint along with stitching solved the problem.

The result is Tillicum Winter

Tillicum Winter 18" x 15"
Tillicum Winter
18″ x 15″

I have added new Art Quilt Images to my home page. This is new for me, as this is a new web web site up-date. I have learned a lot and hope to continue to up-date my blog and the site. Take a look and make comments.

I have played around with several different ways to do creative art quilt designs. First you make the design, as I did in Black, then put some very interesting backgrounds. Using paint and stamps to add some fun markings on the surface. Hope you like this interesting way to create.

Ginko leaf
Ginko Leafs
Abstract on pink
Abstract on Pink

These ladies are part of a bookclub collection. They are taken from sections of a Linoleum block, called lino cut printing. Eileen “Ikie” Nolan Kressel has a wonderful sense of humor and her ladies show it. Check out the placemat section of my web site for more of these ladies.

You never thought running shoes would be placemats did you! Well. Eileen “Ikie” Nolan Kressel has made another lino cut which I used for Quilt Art. This is printed on cotton and then I added ribbon, binding and quilted it. You can see more on my placemat section only web site.

17" x 14"



Here is a great article about more than just making art quilts. I think it is worth a read.

Social justice quilts were featured in a recent article in The LA Times . SAQA member Chawne Kimber’s work was highlighted and SAQA member and curator Marsha MacDowell provided historical context for the quilts.

Check out all the new items on my web site. It has been a long struggle, but I now have it up and running. If you see anything you like or dislike please let me know. I removed all the old blogs from my old site and I am starting a new. I will try to post things often.

Here is a new pieces of art in a series. As they become complete I will post them. Enjoy