Photographing, Editing, Printing, Painting and Stitching all in one Fiber Art Quilt

Photographing, editing, printing, painting and stitching which all have been add to my fiber artwork. Printing on fabric from a picture I have edited is an interesting challenging. I have been working on several of these lately. All of them are using bridges in some way or another.

The first one was just the wires looking up with the sky in the background. I printed it onto cotton, but I didn’t like the colors, so I had to change it. First, I covered the whole piece with a sheer fabric that toned down the color. Next, I cut away the parts that were good leaving the toned down parts. I had to make the wires stand out more using paint along with stitching solved the problem.

The result is Tillicum Winter

Tillicum Winter 18" x 15"
Tillicum Winter
18″ x 15″

DATE27th June, 2016

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