My-signature quilt

My Signature Panels

This quilt is a timeline in cloth, descending from its starting point in the early ‘70’s, when my husband and I raced sail boats in Southern California. Fun, sun and one-dimensional living. My quilting adventure begins here. As our family grew, we yearned for a more fulfilling life, and abandoned the Sunny Southland for Oregon and cows. In the summer of 1976, we found ourselves tilling the soil, and tending a surprising variety of animals on our own little farm.

By 1985, the agrarian life had lost a good deal of its luster, and we sensed a need for adventure and things foreign. Fate and the US Government deposited us in Holland, and we spent five fascinating years discovering continental Europe.

A short ferry ride and we washed up on the Dover shore for a new life in England–a land frozen in time.

Next stop, Cuba – rather, the bizarre world of Guantánamo Bay– where the US Navy maintains a sleepy, tropical enclave, and a large fence is the center of attention. But, ah, the fish!

Just a year in Sr. Castro’s back yard and it was off to the Land of the Rising Sun, and a whole new frame of reference. Running took hold in England, but blossomed in Japan, where we were warmly welcomed by the Zushi Highlands Running Club, which provided us unparalleled support and companionship.
The beautiful manhole covers I found there spawned two quilting books. Four years, and it was time to say a fond Sayonara.

A short hop –and a giant cultural leap– across the East Sea– is the Republic of Korea, which would become our home for the final stop in our 18-year journey. The tiger captures the spirit of the Korean people. Five years of spicy food, incredible sounds and color, and intense living in a city of 13 million.

We’ve come almost full circle now, setting our shallow roots once again in the rich soil of Oregon–perhaps to stay! If the Earth really had corners, I guess I’d have quilted in most of them, teaching and learning, where often the only real communication was stitched into the cloth.